Are you wondering if Bite Away really works to make your mosquito bites stop itching? You’re not alone!

If you’re a mosquito magnet like me, you love exploring the outdoors in the summer months, but hate the annoying bites that you inevitably get – even when you use bug spray.

After adventuring in the outdoors for over 20 years and after trying countless remedies to stop the itch, I’ve realized they are not all created equal. It can be frustrating to figure out which ones really work.

In this Bite Away review, I’ll give you my honest opinion on whether or not I think the Bite Away heat pen is worth buying for your next outdoor adventure.

So whether you’re looking for a solution that treats without the use of chemicals or is suitable for children, keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Bite Away and whether (or not) you need one of your own.

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adult uses bite away pen on childs arm to relieve itching from bug bite

Bite Away Heat Pen: Key Features

  • Chemical-Free Treatment: Bite Away uses concentrated heat to neutralize the itch or sting.
  • Portability: Bite Away is compact and lightweight, making it an easy addition to any backpack or suitcase.
  • Quick Relief: In just a few seconds, Bite Away offers almost immediate relief from itchiness and swelling.
  • Multi-purpose: Apart from treating mosquito bites, Bite Away is also effective on bites and stings from other common insects like bees, wasps, and ants. This makes it a versatile tool in any outdoor setting.
  • Suitable for Children: Bite Away is suitable for kids between 3-12 with adult supervision, making it useful for family outings and adventures.

Bite Away sponsored this post. However, as always, all content and opinions are our own.

Bite Away Pen Review: Does it work?

Last year, during a women’s group trip to Kauai, we hiked to the Kalalau Trail to Hanakapi’ai Falls. Unsurprisingly, the mosquito army didn’t spare me, and I got eaten alive, despite my heavy-duty insect repellent application.

Later that evening, I was itching like crazy and a friend offered to let me try her Bite Away heat pen.

I won’t lie – I was skeptical. How could this little device really stop the itch? But, it was that or itch my face off.

Literally. One of those little suckers bit me right on my forehead. 😑

woman smiles while standing on beach in Kauai along the Kalalau Trail with red mosquito bite on her forehead right below her hairline
See that giant red spot at my hairline? Yeah, it itched like crazy – and didn’t do my pictures any favors either. 😅

So, I decided to give it a shot. To my surprise, it totally worked!

The itching stopped almost instantly. I was thrilled, to say the least. I immediately placed an order for one from my phone right then and there.

Ever since that day, I carry my Bite Away heat pen on every trip. It’s now an essential part of my outdoor gear and hiking essentials. I cannot recommend it enough.

So, if you’re wondering whether the Bite Away pen really works, I’m here to tell you it does.

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Pros of Bite Away

  • Works Chemical-Free: The Bite Away pen works entirely without chemicals.
  • Fast Relief: It provides almost immediate relief from itching and pain associated with insect bites.
  • Portable: Its compact size makes it easy to carry on every trip or outdoor adventure.
  • Simple to Use: The device is very user-friendly.
  • Long-Lasting: A single Bite Away pen can treat thousands of bites, offering great value for money.
  • Suitable for Almost Everyone: It’s great for people with sensitive skin, children, and even pregnant women who want to avoid chemical treatments.
  • Medical-grade: The device is made from medical-grade plastics and the tip is ceramic to prevent contact allergies.

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Cons of Bite Away

woman in black leggings and grey t-shirt uses bite away heat pen on arm, woman is sitting beside a lake at sunset with mt. adams in the background
  • Requires Batteries: The Bite Away pen is not rechargeable and requires two AA batteries. However, they can treat hundreds of bites on a single set.
  • Initial Discomfort: Some users may experience a brief moment of heat discomfort during use.
  • Initial Price: The device is higher in cost initially than traditional chemical treatments, however, it will last a lot longer.
  • May Require More than One Use: Relief isn’t always immediate and in some cases, it might require multiple applications.

What is Bite Away?

Bite Away is a medical-grade device that offers a chemical-free treatment to alleviate discomfort stemming from bug bites and stings. It’s a handy heat pen that’s not only FDA-cleared but also dermatologically tested, confirming its safety and effectiveness.

Unlike many traditional treatments that rely on chemicals, Bite Away works using concentrated heat to provide fast and long-lasting relief. This makes it a perfect alternative for those who prefer a more natural approach to treating insect stings and bites or those who might be sensitive to chemical treatments.

In addition, because it works without the use of chemicals, Bite Away is suitable for a wide variety of people including those who are pregnant, children (3 & up), and those with allergies to traditional remedies.

The Science Behind How Bite Away Works

Little known fact – before I did content creation, I worked as a nurse! In fact, my husband and I met in nursing school. So when it comes to anything medical, I’ll research exactly why and how something works.

Tbh, that first day I tried Bite Away, I jokingly asked my friend what kind of sorcery it was – right before looking up the details of how it worked and reading this study, of course. 😉

After digging into the details, I learned that Bite Away uses an increase in temperature to influence how your immune system recognizes and responds to stings and bites.

Essentially, the minor discomfort from the heat “tricks” your brain by distracting it from the itching. The application of heat is also thought to inhibit the release of histamine (the chemical your immune system releases that makes you itch) by your mast cells. How cool is that?!

Who is Bite Away for?

Bite Away is for everyone, whether you’re a nature enthusiast, traveler, camper, gardener, or even someone (like me) who attracts mosquitoes like crazy. It’s the perfect solution to deal with discomfort and itchiness caused by bug bites.

adult uses bite away pen on childs arm to relieve itching from bug bite during a hike while child watches

Bite Away Temperature: How Hot Does it Get?

Now that we’ve talked about how Bite Away works, you may be thinking, “Okay, great. So Bite Away treats the itch with heat, but how hot does it really get? Will it burn my skin?”

Good news! While the heat can sometimes feel a bit uncomfortable, it will not burn your skin.

For treatment purposes, Bite Away reaches a temperature of around 124°F (51°C), which is cooler than a cup of hot coffee or tea.

If you choose to use on kids, I always think it’s a good idea to be honest about what they might experience.

The first time we let our kids use it, we were super clear that it would feel hot and that it might even sting a little, but explained why we were using it and now they readily ask for it when they have a bite!

In preparation for this review, I asked my 11-year-old what he thought about the temperature when using Bite Away, and he said “It gets hot, but it’s totally worth it!”

As a parent, I also really love the fact that Bite Away has a patented 3-stage safety system to prevent damage to the skin that includes:

  • Intelligent Temperature Control to ensure it doesn’t go over the set threshold
  • Independent Temperature Guard that will shut down power to the heating element if it’s not working properly
  • Fail-Safe Overheating Protection with a melt fuse, just in case the first two safety features were to fail (though this would be highly unlikely).

Knowing that these safety features are in place makes me more comfortable using Bite Away on my kids.

Bite Away Heat Pen

I found out about bite away a couple of years ago and it goes on every hike and vacation with us now. It works to reduce itch from insect bites by heating up (it's warm, but not scalding hot) to trigger a natural response from your body to make those pesky bites less annoying.

Even my 11-year-old uses and loves it!

How to Use Bite Away Heat Pen

Using Bite Away heat pen is simple and straightforward. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use it:

  1. Place on Affected Area: Hold the pen vertically and place the ceramic contact surface directly on the itchy or painful spot.
  2. Choose Treatment Duration: Now, decide on the duration of treatment. The pen offers two options: a 3-second treatment to start with on your initial treatment or if you have sensitive skin, and a 5-second treatment for regular application.
  3. Press the button: Press the corresponding button for your chosen treatment time (3 seconds of heat on the left, 5 seconds on the right).
  4. Wait for the Beep: You’ll hear a beep once you press the button. This means that the pen has started to heat up. When it comes to temp, the light will come on. It’s important to keep the pen in contact with your skin until you hear a triple beep, which signals that the treatment is completed.
  5. Repeat if Necessary: If you still feel discomfort after the first application, you can apply the Bite Away heat pen again. Just remember to wait at least 2 minutes between treatments and don’t use more than 5 times in one hour. (Most of the time, I’ve experienced relief in 1-2 cycles).

And that’s it – the Bite Away heat pen is super easy to use!

hand hold bite away up in front of green trees and sunburst to show details of the device including two buttons for treatment lengths of 3-5 seconds and size of device

FAQs About the Bite Away Pen for Insect Bites

Can I Use Other Home Remedies Instead of Bite Away?

While there are alternative home remedies available, it’s important to note that they each have drawbacks.

For instance, topical treatments such as anti-itch creams provide temporary bite relief but require frequent reapplication. Over-the-counter antihistamines reduce itching and swelling but take longer to work.

In contrast, the Bite Away heat pen offers almost instant relief without constant applications or major side effects. It’s a simple, portable, and chemical-free treatment, making it an efficient and user-friendly choice.

Does Bite Away help with swelling?

Yes, the Bite Away heat pen can help with swelling caused by insect bites and stings. As with all treatments, individual results may vary, but many users report reductions in swelling after use.

Personally, I find that the biggest benefit is a reduction in itching, but by disrupting the release of histamine, Bite Away can also reduce inflammation and swelling.

Does putting a hot spoon on a mosquito bite work?

While, technically, yes, the concept behind the hot spoon method is similar to that of the Bite Away heat pen – heat can disrupt the histamine process and lessen the uncomfortable symptoms of a mosquito bite – there are significant differences and safety features to note.

A hot spoon isn’t temperature-controlled. This means you run the risk of overheating the spoon and potentially burning your skin, which can be more harmful than the bite itself. The Bite Away, on the other hand, operates at a consistent, safe temperature specifically designed for treating insect bites.

Plus, if I get bit in the middle of a long hike, I don’t want to have to wait hours until I get home to treat the itch.

So while a hot spoon might provide some relief, it comes with risks and isn’t as efficient or safe as using a Bite Away heat pen.

What are the side effects of Bite Away?

The Bite Away heat pen has minimal side effects, as it doesn’t use chemicals or creams. While the heat treatment may cause temporary discomfort, it’s generally tolerable and subsides quickly. In rare cases, some individuals may experience mild redness or skin irritation, which usually goes away shortly.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and consult a healthcare provider if needed. Overall, it’s a safer and more convenient option compared to traditional methods with more significant potential side effects.

Is Bite Away safe?

Yes, the Bite Away heat pen is designed with safety in mind. It employs a three-stage safety system which includes intelligent temperature control, independent temperature guard, and fail-safe overheating protection to ensure safe use. This design prevents the risk of burns or skin damage, making the device a reliable option for mosquito bite treatment.

How do I make my mosquito bites stop itching?

To stop your mosquito bites from itching, consider using the Bite Away heat pen. This device applies concentrated heat to the bite area, disrupting the chemical your body produces in response to bites that causes itching and swelling. It treats without the use of chemicals to quickly provide itch relief.

Does Bite Away hurt?

While the Bite Away heat pen does cause a sensation of heat, it’s usually described as a brief moment of discomfort rather than pain. It’s comparable to a quick, hot pinch which subsides quickly. Most users (including my kids!) find this minor discomfort preferable to the persistent itching and swelling caused by mosquito bites.

Can Bite Away be used on children?

Yes! Bite Away can be used on children between 3-12 years of age with adult supervision. After the age of 12, as long as parents are comfortable, children can use the device independently.

Can Bite Away be used for more than mosquito bites?

Yes! In addition to treating mosquito bites, Bite Away can be used to treat insect bites and stings from bees, wasps, and ants.

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Final Thoughts: Is Bite Away Worth It?

I’ve tried a ton of remedies for itchy insect bites over the years, and Bite Away heat pen is one of the best options I’ve found to provide an effective, chemical-free treatment for itchy mosquito bites. Other than hanging out in a screen room the entire time, that is – but where’s the fun in that?! 🤪

A Bite Away heat pen is a must-have in your first aid kit, whether you’re at home or on the go. It’s safe, handy, and a perfect companion for both adults and children—especially for those who are mosquito magnets.

Grab your own Bite Away heat pen to add to your travel and camping checklist and say goodbye to annoying itchiness and swelling!

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