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Hey there! I’m Tiffany.

I turn the outdoor curious into confident adventurers.

Aside from homeschooling and how to care for curls, I know a lot about three things:

  1. How to build confidence in the outdoors (even if the thought of seeing a bear terrifies you).
  2. What the heck you actually need for your adventures (and what’s a giant waste of money).
  3. How to plan and pack quickly (so you can spend more time actually doing the dang thing).

I didn’t grow up doing all this outdoorsy stuff. I loved to travel, but my adventures were more confined to books. 📚

I sucked at skiing and swore off winter sports. My first camping memory included waking up to a leaking tent at 2 am and retreating to my grandparent’s condo. I’d occasionally hike, but usually only to a swimming hole with friends.

But then I met my husband…who LOVES snowboarding (maybe more than me – the jury is still out on that one 😂) and grew up doing all the outdoorsy things.

At first, I was reluctant because it was all new. And scary. And to be honest? The gear I had could have been better – a LOT better. 😅 And I really love sleeping comfortably. Which is hard with the wrong gear.

But as we started exploring together, I started to (gasp!) actually enjoy it. And I found gear I love that made things so. much. better.

Now? I’m often the one dreaming up new itineraries, adventure ideas, and plans. But whether we’re staying in a hotel, vacation rental, camping, or backpacking, there’s one thing I still prioritize – comfy sleep.

So whether you’re brand new to this whole outdoorsy thing, are looking to build your confidence, or want to try something new…I promise if the woman who once almost peed her pants thinking a cougar was stalking her (it was a deer 😅) can do this, so can you.

And I know you can rock it.

You just need a cheat sheet to help you get there faster than I did. That’s exactly what I want to share with you in my free Outdoor Adventure Resource Guide.

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