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Living in the Pacific Northwest (the PNW) gives us lots of opportunities to adventure in beautiful destinations close to home. And one of our favorite ways to travel is road trips!

But we’ve also found that there’s nothing quite like hopping on a plane and finding yourself transported to a new stunning landscape or immersed in a unique culture. In these posts, you’ll find some of our favorite destinations and travel tips to help you plan your next travel adventure!

PNW Travel Adventures

There’s no denying that the Pacific Northwest is full of stunning and diverse landscapes. In these articles, you’ll find some of our favorite vacation ideas, hikes, and more!

sunset colors reflect on glassy water at the edge of the beach in Olympic National Park
Pacific Northwest | Oregon | Travel

17 Fantastic National Parks in Oregon and Washington You’ll Adore

Planning an outdoor adventure in the Pacific Northwest can feel overwhelming because there are so many amazing National Parks to explore – it can be hard to choose!  The National Parks in Oregon and Washington are some of the most beautiful and diverse in the USA. From snow-capped mountains to old-growth forests, waterfalls, and rugged…

Travel Adventures Beyond the PNW

Find some of our favorite suggestions for travel beyond the PNW in these articles, including destination ideas, hikes, itineraries, and more!

old faithful geyser in yellowstone erupting under blue cloudy skies
Travel | Camping | Hiking | Wyoming

Best Yellowstone 3 Day Itinerary to See The Most (Plus Alternate Trip Lengths)

It’s the first night of our Yellowstone 3-Day Itinerary, and it’s dark and cold outside our campervan. I, however, am all warm and cuddled up with my Rumpl blanket (my new BFF) inside my sleeping bag. Yup. Blanket INSIDE the sleeping bag. Life-changing, I tell you.  And….I have to pee. 😩 I know if there’s…

Travel Tips & More

Organizing, packing, and planning travel adventures doesn’t have to be hard! Check out these articles for some of our favorite travel tips, tools, and advice to make your next vacation easy.