Welcome! I’m Tiffany!

I turn the outdoor curious into confident adventurers.

Aside from homeschooling and how to care for curls, I know a lot about three things:

  1. How to build confidence in the outdoors (even if the thought of seeing a bear terrifies you).
  2. What the heck you actually need for your adventures (and what’s a giant waste of money).
  3. How to plan and pack quickly (so you can spend more time actually doing the dang thing).

I didn’t grow up doing all this outdoorsy stuff. I loved to travel, but my adventures were more confined to books. 📚

I sucked at skiing and swore off winter sports. My first camping memory included waking up to a leaking tent at 2 am and retreating to my grandparent’s condo. I’d occasionally hike, but usually only to a swimming hole with friends.

But then I met my husband…who LOVES snowboarding (maybe more than me – the jury is still out on that one 😂) and grew up doing all the outdoorsy things.

At first, I was reluctant because it was all new. And scary. And to be honest? The gear I had could have been better – a LOT better. 😅 And I really love sleeping comfortably. Which is hard with the wrong gear.

But as we started exploring together, I started to (gasp!) actually enjoy it. And I found gear I love that made things so. much. better.

Now? I’m often the one dreaming up new itineraries, adventure ideas, and plans. But whether we’re staying in a hotel, vacation rental, camping, or backpacking, there’s one thing I still prioritize – comfy sleep.

So whether you’re brand new to this whole outdoorsy thing, are looking to build your confidence, or want to try something new…I promise if the woman who once almost peed her pants thinking a cougar was stalking her (it was a deer 😅) can do this, so can you.

And I know you can rock it.

You just need a cheat sheet to help you get there faster than I did. That’s exactly what I want to share with you in my free Outdoor Adventure Resource Guide.

Have you ever put off an adventure because it was too much?

Too much stress? Too much money? Too much time? Or, let’s be real…too much whining? 😅

Yeah. Us too. And, that is precisely why we created this site. Because the reality is – those moments? They happen to all of us.

And yet? They’re still worth it. When we stopped putting adventures off because things weren’t perfect, we realized how much fun we were having!

And YOU can have that too.

Even when it seems overwhelming. Or youʻre a little terrified to take that first overnight camping trip (what about bears? what if you forget something important? how far away IS the closest grocery store? 😬)

Whether you need ideas for your next adventure, itineraries, gear recommendations, or tips & tricks to stay organized and make adventure happen, we’ve got you.

The rest of the story…

We’re your average American family – 2.5 kids, white picket fence…

Well, minus the white picket fence. And the extra 0.5 kid. 🤪

A few years ago, we found ourselves living the “American Dream.” We bought what we thought was our forever home on almost 8 acres in Washington.

We loved that house. But, then reality set in. (In case you don’t know, 8 acres is a lot to maintain. 😅)

We also were both working crazy hours and shifts. Between taking care of the property, caring for our chickens (chicken math is real 😂), gardening, working, shuffling kids back and forth to childcare, and homeschooling, we. were. exhausted. 

Even worse, there was little time left for the things we really love.

As fate would have it, a new job offer at just the right time landed us in Oregon. We traded our rural mini-farm for a suburban neighborhood home and more time to do what we love.

Sometimes it still feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day (or enough money in the budget for all our travel goals – I mean, is there ever enough?!), but we’re determined to make the most of it.

And, it’s our goal to help you do the same. 

Because we firmly believe that what lights you up (a.k.a. your “stoke”) shouldn’t stop when you have kids.

What’s With the Name?

Contrary to popular belief, our last name isn’t Stoke! 😲

I know, right?! 

Anyway, the name actually comes from snowboarding culture, but if that’s not your scene, maybe this definition from the Oxford Dictionary will clear things up a bit.

1) stoke something (up) (with something) to add fuel to a fire, etc.

2) stoke something (up) to make people feel something more strongly

3) stoke something (up) to make something increase or develop more quickly

So, there you have it. Our goal is to help you find YOUR stoke by adding fuel to your fire within, help you feel that excitement more strongly, and to do it faster.

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