About Us

Have you ever put off an adventure because it was too much?

Too much stress? Too much money? Too much time? Or, let’s be real…too much whining? 

Yeah. Us too. And, that is precisely the reason we’re here. 

We’re your average American family – 2.5 kids, a dog, and a white picket fence. 

Well, minus the white picket fence. 

And the extra 0.5 kid. 🤪

But, through our journey, we’ve figured out how to pursue the things that light us up (a.k.a. our “stoke”), and we want to help you do the same. 

Whether you need ideas for your next adventure, gear recommendations so you aren’t wasting your hard-earned money, or tips & tricks to stay organized and make adventure happen, we’ve been there. 

Let’s tackle this together.

family smiling and posing on bikes at the end of the Discovery Trail in Long Beach

The (Not-So) Perfect Dream

A few years ago, we found ourselves living the “American Dream.” We bought our dream house on almost 8 acres. 

But, to make that work, we also were both working crazy hours and shifts at our hospitals. Between maintaining the acreage, caring for our chickens (we miss them so much!), gardening, working, shuffling kids back and forth to childcare, and homeschooling, we were exhausted. 

And, most importantly, there was little time left for the things we really love.

As fate would have it, the right job offer at the right time had us transporting our lives to Oregon. We traded our rural mini-farm for a suburban neighborhood home and more time freedom. 

Sometimes it still feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day (or enough money in the budget for all our travel goals), but we’re determined to make the most of the time we have. 

And, it’s our goal to help you do the same. 

Because we firmly believe that what lights you up (a.k.a. your “stoke”) shouldn’t stop when you have kids. 

What's With The Name?

Contrary to popular belief, our last name isn’t Stoke! 😲

I know, right?! 

Anyway, the name actually comes from snowboarding culture, but if that’s not your scene, maybe this definition from the Oxford Dictionary will clear things up a bit.

1) stoke something (up) (with something) to add fuel to a fire, etc.

2) stoke something (up) to make people feel something more strongly

3) stoke something (up) to make something increase or develop more quickly

So, there you have it. Our goal is to help you find YOUR stoke by adding fuel to your fire within, help you feel that excitement more strongly, and to do it faster.

Fun Facts About The Stoke Fam



boy holding large rock, smiling, and looking back over his right shoulder


boy hanging head down under play structure in park and sticking out his tongue


Where We've Been

Over the last few years, we’ve had the opportunity to visit several National Parks, go on some epic road trips, and head out on many local Pacific Northwest Adventures

Whether hiking, snowboarding, taking a helicopter ride in Kauai, or camping, we’ve made it our goal to adventure more (you know, while our kids still think we’re cool 😉)

A Few of Our Favorites

Where will you find YOUR Stoke?

Maybe you love snowboarding, hiking, camping, or traveling as much as we do. Perhaps you’d like to explore your neck of the woods more. 

Whatever your adventure goals, we want to help you achieve them. Let’s do this! 

Adventure More.
Stress Less.
Find YOUR Stoke.

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