Adventure More. Stress Less.


That’s our goal for you – to help you learn how to be confident, prepared, and self-sufficient in the outdoors so you can stress less (whether you’re traveling as a two-parent family or solo with kids).

What do you want to do?

Oh hi there! We’re The Stoke Fam

To be clear, we are an adventure family, but we’re not this “we-know-it-all-hardcore-adventurer” family who is removed from the reality of adventuring with kids. We have plenty of ups and downs just like everyone else – for real. So, we always try to mix in a dose of reality along with our advice – whether it’s about the things our kids say during hikes or how many times I fall during hiking season (spoiler alert: it’s a lot 😅).

Those things don’t mean we stop – it means we keep going anyway. 💪

And you can do the same! You just need a few tools to help you on the way.

Find your stoke

We believe that adventure is what you make it. And, it that can look different for every family (or every weekend)!

Sometimes that looks like:

  • staying in a comfy hotel and adventuring during the day
  • dispersed camping in the middle of the forest with zero amenities and soaking in nature
  • bundling up and snowboarding in winter
  • planning an international adventure vacation

And sometimes? It can simply be heading to the local park or forest for a walk. Adventure is what you make it.

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